Professional training for Freelancers

Training for freelance professionals

I have been registered as a training professional since 2015. I organise training courses, in French or English, on the creation and development of a freelance business:

– Marketing strategy and prospecting
– Negotiation and sales talks
– Commercial policy and customer relations
– Time management and productivity
– Developing your entrepreneurial spirit

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Licensed GET CLIENTS NOW™ facilitator

Marketing et prospection

Since 2016, I am a licensed facilitator (the only one in France) of the American marketing and prospecting method for freelance entrepreneurs, GET CLIENTS NOW™ (a trademark of Wings for Business LLC). For more information, visit my dedicated website or my YouTube channel.

Language Coaching

I can offer language coaching courses, designed in partnership with the client to precisely determine their needs and objectives.

Analyse and improve language skills

This consists in analysing and helping perfect the customer’s language skills with the aim of achieving greater ease and fluency in a spoken context. Emphasis is placed on enlarging everyday vocabulary, correctly using the terminology specific to the customer’s profession or sector of industry, and improving pronunciation. This is achieved through, notably, role playing and simulation. These techniques are extremely effective, encouraging thinking and creativity on the part of the customer, who can therefore develop and practice both their language and behavioural skills in a fictitious situation, a nonthreatening setting. This type of service is not to be confused with language learning. Language coaching is designed for professionals who already have a good working knowledge of the language concerned (English or French) and who are required to take part in situations where it is necessary to speak in the language of their audience (international conferences or trade fairs, meetings with foreign customers or delegations, etc.). Moreover, should the customer request it, LanguageApart can review the written materials that will be used/displayed in these different situations (speeches, presentations, training aids, etc.) in order to improve their clarity and their effectiveness.

for professionals who already have a good command of the language

Language coaching is intended for professionals who already have a good working knowledge of the language and who have to work in situations where it is necessary to speak the language of their audience (international seminars or trade fairs, various meetings with foreign clients or delegations, training, etc.).

Revision service

If the client so wishes, I can also review the various written materials that will be used/projected during the presentations (speeches, PowerPoint presentations, course materials, etc.) in order to improve their clarity and effectiveness with the target audience.

Professional traIning for engineers

Thanks to my industrial backgroud, I have been contracted since 2017 by the engineering school ei.CESI Saint-Nazaire within the framework of the Immersive Learning Weeks in technical and professional English. This training, both initial and vocational, is based on the Project-Based Learning method.
I am also TCA for this client since 2018 for the organisation and adminstration of the TOEIC Listening and Reading.


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